i sell my char ninja saga

In tell the saga gamers ninja mania, I sell ninja saga Emblem char user, plus one char is the master clan

Interested coment here, I go to the price of Rp. 500.000 ($50)

Char official without the cheat (warranty 1 month)

Ns Family Clan

Payment via Bank BNI account

if interested give your comments

7 Responses to “i sell my char ninja saga”

  1. wah,,,mahal banget gan

    • wah,,,iy gan,,,aku beli emblem resmi aja Rp. 210.000
      trus token aku habis buat clan aja udah abis 10.000 liat aj tuh udah 160 slot
      masih ada sisa token di clan 3000 lagi tu,,,,

  2. henry tibz Says:

    wa dh pensi tmn
    u jg kn
    n clanny mc da???

  3. henry tibz Says:

    wa pensi tmn
    n mc da gk clanny?????

  4. hello small as to be adding I am lvl 36

  5. Azzzz Kita dolo buat ni Clan niat banged kan Bro sampek lho buat Progamnya tpi sekarang Lho jual 500.000
    T_T Sedih Gua….!!!!

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